Clever solutions for acidic exhaust air

Complex requirements for a renowned chemicals group

A renowned chemicals group faced a tricky challenge: They needed a pipeline for acidic exhaust air (NW 300) which guaranteed safety in the event of fires compared to plastic pipes, and combined low weight, chemical resistance, vacuum resistance and diffusion tightness. For safety reasons, welding work could not be carried out on the existing plant. Complex requirements that had to be fulfilled.

During the decision making process, all conceivable materials were considered and tested. The tests, like on GRP-PTFE laminate as a lining variant, failed. The results showed that all the materials restricted process safety or had unreasonable costs. All except for one material: our email250light.

As an inorganic coating, only our email250light combined all the required properties.  The very good environmental balance also favored of our solution. In contrast to polymer linings (PTFE, PPs, etc.), our technical enamel is diffusion-proof against media such as chlorine. Another added value of this solution: Since steel/enamel is fireproof, the exhaust air pipe does not increase the plant’s fire load.

The lower insurance costs means the investment pays off for our customers. And if there is a fire, people and the environment are not subjected to toxic fire load components.

The plant was put into operation smoothly and on schedule and fulfilled the objective of every chemical plant: safe and efficient production.