The right enamel for every application

Chemical industry

The perfect combination of cost effectiveness and safety

The processes are very diverse in the chemical industry. Whether it is basic chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers or special chemicals, the challenge is always the same: to ensure cost effectiveness and plant safety for the longest possible life cycle of a production plant, while also meeting strict environmental requirements. Our enameled pipelines, heat exchangers, fittings and columns help you manage these complex tasks.

Our email800 offers the broadest chemical resistance profile compared to other materials.  The enamel surface is also catalytically ineffective and extremely heat resistant. Compared to metal materials such as Hastelloy, titanium or tantalum, enamel is considerably cheaper.


Pharmaceutical industry

Batch change: clean, safe, quick

The production and processing of ethical and generic pharmaceutical substances are complex, extremely sensitive processes. Whether they are natural substances, semi-synthetic or synthetic pharmaceuticals or biotechnologically modified preparations, a good manufacturing process places high demands on production.

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you have the challenge of using your API systems as flexibly and efficiently as possible, while also avoiding contamination between the various pharmaceutical substances. One factor is particularly important in achieving this balancing act: validated cleanability. Batch change is only compatible with the production of highly pure substances if the system has excellent cleanability. Our enameled parts and bottom outlet valves (stainless steel and Hastelloy) enable you to achieve this decisive added value in API production.The combination of extremely smooth surfaces, smallest possible radii and small dead paces due to gapless design and optimal rinsability gives excellent cleaning results in short cleaning times. 

Efficient use primarily means flexible use. That is why plant cleanability is key. Our enameled parts address this requirement. The extremely smooth surface of email850P and the smallest possible radii and small dead spaces enable you to achieve optimal cleaning results in short cleaning times, and therefore ensure optimal plant availability.


Food industry

Quick, thorough cleaning processes are the key to optimal plant availability.

Food production has a social responsibility, because it is about supplying people safely and reliably with the food they need to live. As a modern food manufacturer, you also offer the consumer added health benefits and varied pleasure at affordable prices. It is not an easy task, particularly as consumer demands for bio/technological functionality are growing. The competing requirements of quality and cost pressure make the efficient use of production plants especially important.


Agricultural industry

Plant solutions as they should be: sustainable, safe, economical

Food safety is without a doubt the most basic human need.  Luckily, an excellent food supply is a matter of course in large parts of the world, not least because of the agrochemical industry. Without agrochemical products, arable fields would not be as productive as they are today.  Also, the agricultural problems of the future can only be solved with innovations of the agrochemical industry.

As a manufacturer of fertilizers and pesticides, you face one initial challenge: to optimize the operational safety and efficiency of your plants, while also complying with strict environmental requirements. Our enameled pipelines, valves and columns are an essential part of any plant concept.


Waste disposal

The more cost effective alternative solution for your plant

There’s no doubt: every industry needs well designed recycling and disposal processes. At the end of every production process, the responsibility for environmental friendliness rests largely with the disposal company. This is the case particularly for the chemical industry, where a diverse range of dangerous residues and waste is commonly produced.  The proper disposal and, wherever possible, processing and recycling of raw materials and chemicals is highly relevant, both economically and ecologically. For that reason, legislature imposes strict requirements on these processes.

As a disposal company you must meet many responsibilities and requirements, while also working cost effectively. That’s why it is vital for your plants to be safe and reliable. Our enameled parts offer you this crucial added value. Our email800 coating is highly acid resistant, catalytically ineffective and withstands boiling water.