for a long, problem-free plant life cycle

Plant inspection

Understand the current condition and make future-proof decisions

There are several good reasons why every operator should have the best possible understanding of the condition of his plant. Firstly, of course for operational safety and so that downtimes can be avoided. Optimal maintenance with careful plant inspection is the basis for maximum plant availability. Investment decisions often entail carefully considering and weighing up benefits, time and security aspects. Inspections give you reliable information about the current condition of your plant and enable you to use the economic and safety-related scope for action responsibly.



From plant concept, to detail engineering, implementation and maintenance: we do it all.

Planning and implementing modern process engineering systems is above all one thing: highly complex. On top of the basic requirements such as durability, operational safety and economic efficiency, every plant also has the individual challenges of its specific production processes, processed materials, local conditions and much more. The time and cost pressures in traditional plant construction are also increasing constantly. It is no longer enough to reconcile the most diverse requirements; it must be possible to implement well designed solutions, from engineering to construction, quickly and cost effectively. 

These challenges demand not only an excellent, interdisciplinary team of experts, but also optimal and temporal interlocking with the least amount of possible interfaces. That’s why there is high demand for comprehensive services in plant construction for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. We offer you this comprehensive service under the name EPCMM (engineering, procurement, construction management to maintenance), and we don’t abandon you after commissioning.



Making it easy to act with foresight and invest wisely

The fault-free functionality of the plant is crucial to every production process.  Alongside economic success, the safety of staff depends on it to a large extent. If maintenance is neglected, it usually has short and long-term consequences.  In the short-term, there can be malfunctions and unplanned operational stoppages. In the long-term, damage and a considerably reduced service life for the whole plant can be expected. So there are good reasons to rely on condition-oriented, preventative maintenance beyond the legal requirements. Your reliable partner for that is Düker Email Technologie.

We work with your own specialist staff to develop a service and maintenance concept, which is tailored specifically to your operational and production processes. In this way planned plant downtimes, eg. for statutory revisions, are used for regular maintenance, so that unnecessary stoppages are avoided. We also give you advice on stocking spare parts based on your needs, in order, where possible, to reduce tied-up resources.


    Training + qualification

    The crucial knowledge for your specialists

    Whether in engineering, assembly, renovation, maintenance or running operation, each one of your employees is crucial to an efficient, smooth and safe production process.  That is why providing your specialist staff with the necessary expertise is an important part of our scope of services.  Our training and qualification services, like our other services, are tailored to your needs. Depending on which assembly and maintenance jobs you outsource and which you handle inhouse, we can give you the relevant knowledge.

    Training can be carried out at your premises or at our plant in Laufach. It is for your employees alone, so that your team are together. This framework ensures that only the really relevant topics are covered. The topics will be presented in a very comprehensive and practice based way. Experience shows that this type of qualification is the best way of preventing errors in planning, maintenance or operation.