We are a developer, enamel pioneer and system supplier with a commitment to quality

About us

Your reliable partner whenever efficiency must go hand in hand with safety

Since 1969 we have been a passionate developer, enamel pioneer and system supplier committed to premium quality. Our aim is to offer our customers optimal functionality and safety, as well as clear customer benefits in the field of technical enamel.

On this basis we are able to consistently provide the best solution, technically and financially, for complex and demanding projects and to implement them successfully. We consider ourselves a system provider and offer our customers not only high quality products, but also comprehensive solutions from a single source. In this function we will, if you wish, take on all the necessary tasks from engineering, to procurement, construction and assembly.


Company history

Although much has changed since our company was founded, our commitment to quality, our passion for technical enamel and our pioneering spirit remain the same.

Our story began with a mine

The Düker company began in 1469 with a mine near Laufach, where we are still based today.  The oldest written mention of this mine is dated 2 August 1469. So our industrial roots go back over 550 years.

In 1923, Friedrich Wilhelm Düker brought the skills for enameling “large objects”.

The technical enamels business sector was born

In the late 1960s, the company developed its expertise in highly acid resistant enameling. The ‘enamel technology’ division was born in the Laufach plant and developed into an important and very successful company pillar.

In 2004, the Düker family sold the company to a group of private investors.  ‘Eisenwerke Fried. Wilh. Düker’ was renamed ‘Düker GmbH’.

Düker email Technologie GmbH was founded

The TE Technical Enameling division was spun off from Düker GmbH in 2018.

Düker Email Technologie GmbH was created. Since mid 2019, DDüker Email Technologie GmbH has operated as an independent company, both in financial and organizational terms. The eventful company history of Düker is part of our identity, an important part of our roots.  It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we now continue to write this story under a new name.


Manufacturing + quality

Enamel expertise that have been developed and passed on over decades.

Highly acid resistant enamel is an incomparable and unbeatable material. It combines all the material properties that you need for carrying sensitive or aggressive media. The high resistance and extremely smooth surface offer decisive advantages and many application possibilities.

Our enamels are the result of practice-based development work and decades of experience. A strict 100% quality control throughout the production process also ensures the consistently high standard of our products.


Development + innovation

No downtime

Developing new products can mean both reconstructing existing products so that the design of a part is suitable for enamel, or completely reconstructing a product. The main objective in this is always that the new end product has the same function and is entirely interchangeable with the current one.

Examples of this include our new Duo safe flange DSF for the highest environmental requirements and absolute assembly safety, or the extension of our ground outlet valves for a permissible operating pressure of 16 bar. This was realized without needing to make external changes to the body. The lengths do not differ from the PN 10 version.

In our development department we are able to tackle chemical-technological and physical issues comprehensively.



a crucial part of our company culture

We have an obligation towards the environment in which we live, as well as the economic and social needs of our employees and society. Therefore sustainability is a crucial part of our company culture. It influences the way we work every day and informs the three pillars of environmental responsibility, social responsibility and economic efficiency.