Integrated solutions from a single source


Functionality, safety and customer benefits


Highly acid-resistant glass lined pipeline parts, fittings and columns

Maximum surface protection
for every application


Functionality, safety and customer benefits for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

We develop and produce highly acid-resistant glass lined pipelines, valves, bottom outlet valves, columns, process engineering systems and special glass linings of the highest quality.

As a system provider, we offer our customers comprehensive solutions from a single source. If desired, we handle the complete engineering, procurement, construction and assembly or assembly supervision and commissioning.

Customers also benefit from our other comprehensive services, such as testing, maintenance and repair of existing valves or training your staff to use our products and systems safely and economically.

We offer solutions customized to your needs, medium and process that have high functionality, maximum schedule and process reliability. We also provide the full expertise of a successful partner working in plant and environmental safety in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.


Latest news

NEW: Duo safe flange DSF
Duo safe flange DSF - simple, clear and totally secure! Whatever type of enameled pipe you use in your plant... You will be able to make a quick, secure and fault-free flange connection with our new Duo safe flange DSF.
Complex requirements for a renowned chemicals group
A renowned chemicals group faced a tricky challenge: They needed a pipeline for acidic exhaust air (DN300) which would combine low weight, chemical resistance, vacuum resistance and diffusion tightness. For safety reasons, welding work could not be carried out on the existing plant.
Our new website is live
We are very pleased to be able to show you our new, freshly designed online presence.