NEW: Duo safe flange DSF

Duo safe flange DSF - simple, clear and totally secure!

The Duo safe flange DSF is the result of our intensive contact with our customer, as well as our many years of experience as a provider of innovative system solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry with the highest requirements for safety and emission protection.

Standardized loose flange DSF

Whatever type of enameled pipe system you use in your system, you can create a secure loose flange connection with our new "Duo Safe". Assembly by an employee is clear and very easy. The risk of errors in assembly is 100% excluded. This increases the safety of assembly and operation enormously.

The other benefits of Duo Safe

  • assembly doesn’t depend on flange geometry
  • robust, safe, clear and error-free assembly
  • For horizontal and vertical pipelines. Simple, assembly-optimized "one-man handling"
  • Low weight. Reduces assembly time. Reduces stockpiling spare parts
  • Homogeneous introduction of flange forces
  • Minimized leakage rates. High residual torques even after thermal stress