or coolable

The new glass lined, low dead space cylinder sight glass with double jacket makes it possible to continuously observe the media flow within a piping system.

Furthermore, we offer you a possibility of heating or cooling by means of transparent thermal oil due to the additional glass jacket.

  • Cylindrical sight glass for optimum observation of e.g. flow, filling level, product condition, phase separation of two-substance mixtures, color and gas contents of media in pipelines, upstream and downstream of vessels, centrifuges and near pumps.
  • Suitable for use with acids, acid mixtures and aggressive solvents
    Materials in contact with media - highly acid-resistant enamel and borosilicate glass
  • More durable and also more cost-effective solution compared to plastics (e.g. PFA, PTFE) and precious metals (e.g. Hastelloy, titanium)
  • Inner tube: -10° to 200 °C and -1 to 10 bar
  • Outer tube jacket: -10 to 200 °C and -1 to 1 bar
  • Available in sizes DN 25 to DN 200 (operational requirements on request)
  • Construction length according to DIN EN 558
  • Optimum visibility without fogged glass surface
  • No cold bridge in the sight glass area
  • Use in production plants, as well as suitable for pilot plants and laboratory setups
  • Can be combined with add-on parts
  • Can also be used as a double jacketed vessel for special applications.

For this product, too, we were able to work with our customers to develop and implement an innovative solution that is unique in this form worldwide.