heat exchanger
for highly corrosive media

Heat transfer for cooling and heating is an essential process in the production plants of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

For temperature-sensitive media, gentle or soft heat transfer is very essential. A particularly gentle heat transfer is achieved with the principle of the Liebig heat exchanger. Here, the heating or cooling medium is conveyed on the double shell side in countercurrent to the temperature-controlled product on the inside of the tube, which is coated with enamel.

With the data of the products and the temperatures we can calculate the required area and dimensions for the heat transfer.

Compared to commonly used special materials such as Hastelloy, SIC, titanium, the material steel/enamel has advantages in cost and delivery time.

Beyond the pure technology we offer our customers additional advantages:

  • Process engineering design
  • Design and calculation
  • Production, assembly, up to commissioning
  • Delivery and assembly on site
  • Maintenance support during shutdowns