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Clever solutions for acidic exhaust air

Complex requirements for a renowned chemicals group

A renowned chemicals group faced a tricky challenge: They needed a pipeline for acidic exhaust air (NW 300) which would combine low weight, chemical resistance, vacuum resistance and diffusion tightness. For safety reasons, welding work could not be carried out on the existing plant.

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Process oriented bottom outlet valves

Considerable time saved by an innovative solution

In a pharmaceutical plant, all the ground drainage valves had to be removed and cleaned for every revision and product change for decades. The resulting production downtimes at the plant were simply too long and were very costly.

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The comprehensive renovation ran smoothly and met the tight deadline

Renovating a tetraethyl silicate plant

A technology leader in the chemical industry was due to renovate their tetraethyl silicate manufacturing plant. The large-scale project included significant replacement investments in the area of highly acid-resistant enameled pipelines and columns.

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Repairing a chemical plant

Optimisation, including assembly and engineering

Faulty pipe parts had to be found and replaced at an existing chemical production plant, preferably without production downtime. The new configuration needed a maximum lifespan under highly corrosive conditions.

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Düker Email Technologie as a system provider for the pharmaceutical industry

Doubling plant capacity

A renowned pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Netherlands was facing large investments in expansion. They were doubling the existing plant capacities at the active ingredients factory.

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Comprehensive engineering services lead to success

chemical plant now produces safely, efficiently and sustainably

A leading manufacturer in the chemical industry was faced with the expansion of an existing plant for the production of a strong, organic acid. Production was to take place in the direct vicinity of the population, which placed particularly high demands on operational safety. But above all, previously made mistakes were to be avoided at all costs.

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