Comprehensive engineering
services lead
to success

A leading manufacturer in the chemical industry was about to expand an existing plant for the production of a strong organic acid. The production was to take place in the direct vicinity of the population, which places particularly high demands on operational safety.

The most recent expansion of the plant was problematic and did not go according to the operator management's expectations. Errors in the planning of the support concept and in the installation of the piping systems resulted in leaks during commissioning. The resulting interruption of production and the troubleshooting caused high costs and time delays during commissioning.

The plant is operated at very high temperatures. This leads to large linear expansions of the piping systems. These must be compensated to avoid damage to the plant. However, the use of suitable expansion joints was not possible due to the aggressive medium.

All this placed particularly high demands on the engineering and installation. The correct selection and professional installation of the supports according to isometric specifications was of the utmost importance. It is important to know that the assembly of steel/enamel components requires special knowledge as well as many years of expertise in order to be successful in the end.

In the upcoming expansion of the plant, these mistakes were to be avoided. For this reason, we were already involved in the project team during the planning phase and, together with the project managers, were able to help shape all the necessary steps for a successful project right from the start.

But also in the further course of the project we were able to support our customer with valuable engineering as well as installation services.

  1. Detail engineering support: carrying out plausibility checks of the stress calculation as well as for the support concept
  2. Training of the warehouse staff and accompanying of the goods delivery and incoming goods inspection as well as the professional storage of the goods in the project free warehouse.
  3. Assembly: Practical and theoretical training of the assembly group before the start of assembly in the plant
  4. Supervision: support and advice on the construction site until successful commissioning

Due to the early, comprehensive planning of all essential project steps, in combination with our project experience, we were able to start up the plant together with the customer in a safe and technically tight manner. The plant now fulfills its function and produces safely, efficiently and sustainably in the direct vicinity of the population.

Interesting technical detail: Among other things, our new development, the "Duo-Safe Flange DSF", was used in this project. This new type of flange provides a safe loose flange connection on any type of glass lined pipe system. Assembly by one employee is unambiguous and extremely simple. The risk of errors during assembly is 100% eliminated. In this way, assembly and operational reliability as well as speed are increased enormously.

The planning and implementation of modern process engineering plants is extremely complex today. However, the generation change in many areas of German companies leads more and more to the loss of valuable knowledge and experience. For this reason, we see our task more and more in supporting our customers with our know-how from planning to successful commissioning (and beyond), in addition to high-quality products. Each plant with its specific production processes has its own individual requirements. At the same time, time and cost pressures are growing. Such tasks require not only an excellent, interdisciplinary team of experts, but also optimal technical and temporal interaction with as few interfaces as possible. Under the name EPCMM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management to Maintenance), we therefore offer our customers comprehensive services - in line with our claim of "functionality, safety and customer benefit".