The comprehensive renovation ran smoothly and met the tight deadline

Renovating a tetraethyl silicate plant

A technology leader in the chemical industry was due to renovate their tetraethyl silicate manufacturing plant. The large-scale project included significant replacement investments in the area of highly acid-resistant enameled pipelines and columns.

To keep stoppages as brief as possible, the schedule for the project was calculated very tightly. Every delay would mean unplanned, costly production downtime for the customer, so rigorous and focused execution was a top priority.

The plant’s various areas were exposed to different levels of corrosion and abrasion due to the concentration and high temperatures. This was considered in planning, so that pipelines and columns in each area of the plant were given a perfectly adjusted external coating.

To use the tight assembly intervals optimally, precise logistics were crucial. This means that: Over 1500 parts had to be at precisely the right place at precisely the right time.  This went smoothly due to an intelligent labelling and packaging concept.

We also contributed to the project’s success by training the entire assembly team on site.  It is vital that specialist staff understand the special properties and operation of enameled parts. This is all the more important when assembly must be carried out under great time pressure, as safety must never be sacrificed.

It sometimes happens that subsequently major changes are made in the detail engineering phase. This was the case in this project. As an experienced system provider, we are prepared for such situations and can respond immediately.  By being flexible and working closely with the customer, despite unforeseen events the plant was ready and production could be resumed on schedule.