Process oriented bottom outlet valves

Considerable time saved by an innovative solution

In a pharmaceutical plant, all the ground drainage valves had to be removed and cleaned for every revision and product change for decades.  The resulting production downtimes at the plant were simply too long and were very costly.

The customer needed a solution that enabled cleaning to be carried out without dismantling the valves. Unfortunately, at the time there was no ground outlet valve that fulfilled these requirements.

Other providers had already declined, due to the difficulties and the development costs.  Düker Enamel Technology worked in very close collaboration with the customer’s process engineering to develop a practicable process-oriented solution.

Now they do not have to dismantle the valves.  That means that revisions can be carried out much more quickly. Also, the whole plant can be operated for longer, because the valves are gapless and have little dead space, so medium does not crystallize in and have to be removed from the valves.

It’s a great example of our team’s high level of flexibility, commitment and ingenuity, always with the aim of developing constructive solutions for customers.