Düker EMail Technologie as a system provider for the pharmaceutical industry

Düker Email Technologie als Systemanbieter in der Pharmazie

A renowned pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Netherlands was facing large investments in expansion. They were doubling the existing plant capacities at the active ingredients factory.

They also wanted to optimize the plant’s service life. It was also necessary to comply with the highest requirements for product quality, the plant’s cleanability and the purity of the active substance so that future revisions and associated costs would be kept as low as possible.

In a plant area with highly acid resistant enameled pipeline components, they required expertise and experience which couldn’t be provided by the main contractor.  So the customer entrusted us with coordinating trades between assembly and engineering.  Düker Email Technologie could act as a system provider at this point and bundle the specialist knowledge of the separate sectors into a closed unit.

Particularly in medium-sized chemical or pharmaceutical companies,  alongside the plant’s existing process engineering they often don’t have their own specialists in detail engineering with stress calculation, proper storage and assembly for special materials available. We were able to take over these tasks and carry them out successfully.

The tasks set were completed successfully and on schedule, despite some structural changes during the project.  The plant area was put into operation without complications and is achieving the set goals.  

In this project we were able to show how important it is for the customer that we are not only a manufacturer of high quality acid resistant enamel pipeline systems, but also, and to an ever greater degree, that we can offer complete solutions as a flexible, efficient system provider.