Repair of a chemical plant to a tight deadline

restoration of a chemical plant

This project was about a production plant for chemicals for the manufacture of paints. After being in operation for ten years, there was some enamel damage in parts of the pipes, that had caused interruptions in production at times.  The task was to find and replace the damaged parts as quickly as possible.

The customer's 3 week time limit was very ambitious and an absolute precondition for awarding the contract. Because each day of production stoppage would result in costs in the area of six figures.

The customer also required support in engineering, because it was  suspected that the enamel damage had been caused by, among other things, incorrectly designed supports and the wrong choice of compensators.

The customer also wanted coordinated trades between assembly and engineering.

The customer chose us because as a solution provider and system supplier, we have many years of experience in all the important areas of the project. Also we always involve the customer very closely in the solution finding process.  And we offer one of the best quality enamels on the market.

The first step was to carry out the necessary stress calculations.  We used data to develop the optimal support concept and choose the right compensators. This was a basic requirement so that the entire pipeline would be within the range of permissible loads and stresses for the steel/enamel material composite.

In order to increase the plant’s future smooth operation and service life, we worked with the customer’s materials technology department to optimize the product requirements compared to the original specifications. So, for example, we gave the pipeline parts especially effective external corrosion protection, which will significantly extend the service life of the pipeline.

The extensive experience of our project and assembly team enabled us to optimize the plant without revisions or stoppages and within the required timeframe. The new configuration is designed for a maximum service life under highly corrosive conditions and was executed to the customer’s complete satisfaction.