Tradition and
Recoverability –
Tradition and

Düker's long history as a company is an important part of our roots.

Our history began in 1469 with an ore mining plant. In 1969, the "Technical Enamel" division was born and Düker Email Technologie GmbH was founded in 2018.

Even though many things have changed since our company was founded, our passion for quality and technical enamel as well as our pioneering spirit remain unwavering.

Companies evolve over time. We want to make our values, goals and visions appear fresher and more contemporary. The name Düker Email Technologie GmbH remains the same, but from today we present ourselves in our new corporate design.

Our "swoosh" symbolizes the flowing media in pipelines and was designed in the colors blue and yellow. The two shades of blue stand for trust and honesty, which represent us. Yellow symbolizes the color of chemical reactions and represents the current connection to our previous appearances. The colors reflect the requirements of our values and sustainability.

With great confidence in 2024, Düker Email Technologie GmbH is implementing the many innovations and plans for the future.