Discussions about PFAS and the associated use of PTFE and PFA in chemical and pharmaceutical industries are varied.

These materials are indispensable in many areas. Especially in sealing applications, these materials are ideal due to their corrosion resistance and purity.

However, there are also applications where PTFE or PFA is used because the initial costs are lower. When considering life-cycle costs, this can change. For example, under high temperature stress, the service life with PTFE or PFA is significantly shorter. During operational downtime, replacement then takes place.

The material steel/enamel is a suitable or better alternative to PTFE or PFA in some applications.

In a column, there are various components, such as support rings in various designs and horizontal feed pipes, which we have made in steel/enamel.

In agitator vessels, multi-threaded vertical feed pipes made of steel/enamel can replace those made of PTFE.

In exhaust air piping systems, the specific piping system can also replace plastic pipelines.

The corrosion and temperature resistance of steel/enamel is comparable to high-alloy metals, such as Hastelloy, titanium, tantalum, zirconium, but more cost-effective and sustainable.

We advise our clients on production-safe, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions, as steel/enamel is a very high-quality and long-lasting material combination.