Secure know-how,
pass on experience

Sustainability does not mean generating profits that then flow into environmental and social projects, but rather generating profits in a way that is already environmentally and socially compatible.

People are particularly important in this respect. Our goal is therefore to have a sustainable human resources system that secures success of our company in long term and supports it in the best possible way. This includes qualified and motivated employees who can be deployed at the right time and to meet the specific requirements of customers and legal regulations.

We are also concerned about sustainability in personnel management with regard to familiarization period in the case of succession planning as well as training. Our long-time head of work preparation and organization, Alfred Wölfel, will go into his well-deserved retirement end of 2022 after more than 40 years at our company. His wealth of experience is to be passed on in a secured manner. In this respect, we have hired two qualified employees, Luca Englert and Fabian Wolpert, middle of 2022, so that the handover period can be used optimally together.

Sustainability in human resources management is also reflected in our consistent and continuous work with young talent. Therefore, we have again taken on new trainees this year. In design department, Felix Kunze is currently learning the profession of product designer. In the enameling plant, Justin Schüttler began his training as a surface coater/enameller.

Qualified and motivated employees are an essential basis for successful order processing and thus also for the sustainability of our company.