From the maintenance area of a production plant in chemical industry came the requirements for a compact MSR unit in combination with a pump and piping system. Accordingly, we developed an MSR unit with significantly smaller dimensions instead of bolted piping components in H-arrangement. In addition to the reduction in sealing surfaces, other key advantages include ease of assembly and operation.

For production-safe operation with a pump, additional nozzles for measuring points, e.g. for temperature and pressure, are required next to the delivery nozzles. The initial installation of the piping system with targeted supports is an essential basis for simple maintenance work during the life cycle of the pump and in connection with this, the goal of minimizing downtime. Removal and installation of the pump during maintenance work should be as simple and short as possible. Draining of the piping system with the acid to be pumped should be easy and safe.

For these reasons, the aim was to meet the process engineering requirements with a compact design. The result is a patented MSR unit that fully implements our motto "functionality, safety and customer benefit".