or coolable
With our new glass lined cylinder sight glass, the media flow within a piping system can be continuously observed. What distinguishes it from all previously available sight glasses is the possibility of heating or cooling, e.g. to avoid cold bridges in the sight glass area.
NEW: Enameled
bag filter for
highly corrosive media
The new DET bag filter is the second acid-resistant sediment filter that we have developed together with our customers and added to our product range. In the future, it will replace the usual steel/PTFE filter systems, which are only conditionally suitable for use with highly corrosive media.
NEW: Duo safe flange DSF
Duo safe flange DSF - simple, clear and totally secure! Whatever type of enameled pipe you use in your plant... You will be able to make a quick, secure and fault-free flange connection with our new Duo safe flange DSF.
Complex requirements for a renowned chemicals group
A renowned chemicals group faced a tricky challenge: They needed a pipeline for acidic exhaust air (DN300) which would combine low weight, chemical resistance, vacuum resistance and diffusion tightness. For safety reasons, welding work could not be carried out on the existing plant.


In-house exhibition in Laufach
or at your location
This year, ACHEMA will take place in August, right in the middle of the vacation period for many exhibitors and, of course, our customers. We have decided to cancel our participation in the exhibition this year. Personally, we want to get in touch with you and therefore offer you today two interesting alternatives to ACHEMA 2022.
Our Instagram account offers interesting insights
Since February 2022, we have been using Instagram to inform existing customers, potential new customers, and especially those interested in our apprenticeships about our company and our products, as well as to provide insights into our everyday work. Informative, diverse and authentic: our Instagram channel picks up everyone where they are: online.
Our new website is live
We are very pleased to be able to show you our new, freshly designed online presence.